Healthy. Flavorful. Fast.


  • marinated in our signature jerk rub, then fire-grilled (choice of boneless or bone-in)

  • marinated in signature jerk spices, then cooked low and slow until fork tender

  • a combination of fire-grilled jerk chicken and slow-roasted jerk pork

  • curry stewed chicken with potato, carrot, coconut milk, and island spices

  • (Coming Soon!) fresh fish fillet steamed in pouch, wrapped in callaloo (Jamaican spinach)

  • Cousin Pinky’s original recipe – with butter beans, carrot, potato and country gravy

  • slow cooked bone-in goat with curry, potato and island spices

  • seasonal veggies simmered in mild coconut curry and island spices (vegan)

  • (Coming Soon!) Kidney Beans and select smoked meats, simmered to perfection in coconut milk

  • (Coming Soon!) pan seared chicken, stewed in a mild sweet sauce until fork tender

A la Carte Sides

  • soft and sweet Jamaican milk bread

  • red beans cooked in coconut milk, with scallion, shredded coconut, & island spices (vegan)

  • with spiced-vanilla glaze (vegan)

  • shredded green cabbage, red cabbage, carrot, & scallion in a sweet citrus vinaigrette (vegan)

  • Jamaica’s version of the empanada – soft flakey dough filled with meat and spices (choice of spicy beef or mild chicken)

  • Jamaica’s own hushpuppy – to sop up and savor the flavors

House Made Sauces

  • sweet onion and smoked paprika sauce
    no heat, all flavor

  • classic ranch with an island kick
    medium heat

  • our signature jerk BBQ sauce
    medium heat

  • our signature hot jerk BBQ sauce

  • habanero w/ lime, charred scallion, soy sauce and fresh herbs
    extra hot